What you need to know before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Solar system

More and more homeowners are considering rooftop solar panels for their home. As the technology has become even more effective and cost-saving, why not consider solar panels?  When you consider the benefits to the environment and value it can add to your home, rooftop solar panels seem like an excellent idea. 

Before jumping into installation, it is important to consider various factors involved in solar panel installation as well as the cost of rooftop solar panels.  

Evaluate Your Roof

Before you consider installing solar panels, it’s important to evaluate various aspects of your roof.  

Age and Condition

How old is your roof? Is it in good condition, or has it experienced recent storm damage?  

Installing panels on an old or damaged roof will end up in frustration; installing panels and then having to dismantle your roof can be a nightmare. 

Rather, be sure that any roof repairs are done by a professional before you have rooftop solar panels installed. 

Roof Shape and Slope

Every roof is different. If there isn’t enough space on your roof, your panel investment won’t likely have the results you expect.   

At the same time, your roof’s slope will impact how effective your panels will be. Professionals have different suggestions, but either way, be sure to ask them about placement when you consider installation. 

The Impact of Nature

When putting anything on your roof, especially an investment like solar panels, you should consider the potential impact that nature will have on how they function.  

While you can’t predict nature, planning for it is essential. Before installation, be sure to prune any nearby trees. This will help to mitigate the chances of damage to your panels if there’s a storm. 

Additionally, solar panels can impact how water flows from your roof to your gutters. As panel equipment can interfere with water flow, it’s important to make sure you talk to a professional about how your roof will stay leak-free. 

Talking to your contractor about these potential issues will not only help you understand what you can do to maintain your rooftop panels, but what to look for to help you reduce the chance of potential problems.  

Do Your Research 

Before signing any contracts, do your research. 

Research Contractors

Be sure that your contractor has installed rooftop solar panels before. Having a reputable company install your panels will help prevent mishaps or future issues. While little maintenance is required once your panels are installed, you want to have a reliable contractor who can solve any problems you might have in the future.  

We suggest reading online reviews and confirming your contractor’s credentials.  

The Cost of Solar Panel

When buying solar panels, be wary of deals that seem “too good to be true.” Think of solar panels like a long term investment. You want to be sure you’re getting panels that are high-quality, durable, and the most efficient. Err on the side of caution – cheap doesn’t often mean good. 

The cost of solar panels can range from $10,000 to $30,000. This is a significant investment that benefits the environment, which is why most states offer rebates. Additionally, you can earn tax credits for panel installation. 


Like any other big purchase, solar panels also come with warranties. Be sure to review the different types, and to ask any questions that you might have. Solar panels warranties should cover panels for at least 25 years and guarantee a minimum power output.  

Thinking about Rooftop Solar Panels? 

Before you have solar panels installed, call our roofing experts. A roof inspection will help protect your long-term investment. Not only will we review the condition of your roof, but make any suggestions on potential repairs prior to solar panel installation.