Assess Storm Damage with a Professional Roof Inspection


In Colorado, the weather changes fast. The unique and unpredictable weather patterns in our state often lead to hail storms, debris in the air, and at times, even major damages to your home. Luckily, a roof inspection can assess storm damage quickly and safely. 

How Do Storms Actually Damage my Roof?

On a daily basis, our roofs act to protect our homes from water damage. When a roof is damaged, this protection is compromised. If left unassessed, your insulation, attic, and home can experience further damage, which can cost you a lot of money and unnecessary frustration. 

If your area experiences a serious storm, consider getting your roof assessed for damage. 


Sizeable hail isn’t uncommon in the Front Range. When hail pounds your roof, it can leave indentations and fractures in shingles. Sometimes, the damage is more subtle, but just as concerning; granule loss, exposed fiberglass, and loosen seal strips all impact how your roof functions. These seemingly small damages can have serious consequences, as direct exposure to the elements is your roof’s worst nightmare.  

Storm Debris

With strong storms comes debris. When sticks and larger branches move through the air, they can scrape against and even directly fall on your roof. Damage from storm debris can break the fiberglass mat inside of your shingles. Long after the branches are cleared, if left unchecked, these underlying damages have long-term negative consequences.  


While wind can exacerbate hail and storm debris, it can also damage your roof on its own. High winds (winds around 50 mph), can curl or break shingles and damage gutters. Wind damage to your roof often results in leaks, which causes further damage to your home.  

Why Do I Need a Professional Roof Inspection?

After a storm, it’s best to call a professional to inspect your roof for storm damage.  

First and foremost, when roofs are damaged and wet after a storm, do not get up on your roof! Instead, call a professional who can safely and quickly access your roof for damage. 

In addition to safety, there are many other benefits to having a professional roof inspection following a major storm.  

A Professional can Spot Water Damage

All homeowners fear water damage. A professional is trained to spot areas on your roof where water damage has occurred, or is susceptible following a major storm. Before water is ever seen by occupants, a professional can address the area with necessary repairs. 

A Professional Roof Inspection is Cost-Effective

In the long-run, getting a professional roof inspection done is cost-effective. The ability to detect problems immediately following a storm can save you money in future damages caused by leaks. 

Rather than assessing and repairing surface damages yourself, a professional can detect damages that might be more subtle and end up saving you tons of money in future roof repairs. 

Help with Insurance Claims

A professional can help you write up an accurate insurance claim if your roof has been damaged by a storm. Only a specialist will be able to provide your insurance company with a claim that will actually cover the costs of repair.  

Professionals can Extend The Life of Your Roof  

Roofs are an investment. Leave it to the professionals to install, maintain, and access storm damage. With continued professional assessments, the life of your roof will be extended.

Need a Roof Inspection Following a Storm?

After a storm, don’t leave your roof unprotected! Call the professionals at Columbine Roofing. Our professionals will happily come to your home and help take care of your investment.