Thinking about Solar Panels fr Your Commercial Roof?


Homeowners and business owners alike are taking advantage of alternative power sources. The popularity of solar panels is growing, especially in sunny Colorado where 300 days of sun is perfect for sustainable energy. Thinking about solar panels for your commercial roof? Learn more about the considerations from our experts at Columbine Roofing.

Why Consider Solar Panels for Your Commercial Roof?

There are numerous reasons why business owners all over the country are considering solar panels. Here are a few of the main reasons we hear from clients.

Energy Efficiency

Solar panels are very energy efficient, and as solar technology continues to advance, this becomes more and more apparent.

It’s estimated that utilizing solar energy can cut your utility bills by 50% or more. When energy costs can be in the hundreds, especially for large commercial buildings, turning to alternative energies cuts maintenance costs.

Positive Impact on The Planet

More consumers are making earth-conscious choices when considering energy use. Solar energy is a popular alternative, especially in Colorado where the sun shines every month of the year.

Research shows that solar energy significantly decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Increase Property Value

Want to immediately increase the value of your commercial property?

Appraisers are in agreement regarding the impact of solar panels on property value. Making the investment in solar panels doesn’t only reduce your impact on the planet, but increases your property’s value.

What to Consider Before Solar Panel Installation

1.) Do you own the property? (Building, Warehouse, etc.)

Solar panels are an investment. Pouring thousands of dollars into the installation and maintenance of solar panels doesn’t make much sense if you don’t own the commercial property.

2.) Is your roof panel-ready?

Before solar panels can be installed, you’ll need a professional roof inspection. This ensures that no repairs are required – the last thing you want to do is have panels installed when your roof needs a major repair or a new roof entirely!

At times, some businesses require a new commercial roof before panel installation can even be considered.

3.) Does your state or county offer incentives for solar installation?

Many states and even individual counties award business owners for installing solar panels.

Colorado has many solar programs. Learn more about some of them here.

4.) How does nature impact solar panels?

When discussing solar panels, we wish more commercial property owners asked this question.

Colorado weather can be extreme, and at times, unpredictable. If the location of your building often experiences high winds, storm debris, and hail, you may want to reconsider having solar panels installed.

Damage from these types of weather incidents can lead to costly panel repairs.

There are things you can do to reduce the probability of panel damage due to storms. For example, regular tree trimming is a great way to reduce the chances of fallen limbs damaging your solar equipment.

Thinking about Solar Panels for your Commercial Roof?

Before purchasing solar panels, the first thing we recommend is to have a commercial roof inspection. This will identify any necessary repairs, which can save you a lot of time, frustration, and money if you do have solar panels installed in the future.

As commercial roofing experts, Columbine Roofing wants your commercial roof to function properly. Equally, we want to provide you with the necessary guidance and information regarding solar panels for your business.

Have questions? Reach out to our team!