Pros & Cons of Winter Roof Repair

Roof in a winter

When you have problems with your roof in winter, and wonder if it’s a good time for repairs, know that just about any repair can be done on any roofing system year-round. An emergency roofing repair could ruin your day, but we’re here to make things right! 

If you have a major question or problem with your roof, never wait for your repair to be looked at by a professional roofing company like Columbine Roofing. Sometimes concerns are brought up about the quality of work that can be done in the winter. Most work, as you will find, doesn’t need to be put off for warmer weather, even when you think it’s too cold to be outdoors.

Pros of Winter Roof Repair

In many instances, some roofers will offer off-season pricing. Finding and fixing minor repairs early on will prevent bigger issues that a repair could easily fix. Roofs made from metal, slate, composites, cedar shakes, etc. are dependent on screws, nails, and clips. These can be repaired at any time. With considerable nice, warm-weather days Colorado offers, there are many opportunities, even in winter, to make repairs to most roofing systems.

Cons of Winter Roof Repair

Many flat roof systems are temperature dependent. Cold temperatures can be bad news for roofing repairs. Roofing systems that are self-adhering cannot be installed under a certain temperature based on the manufacturer. If shingles do not seal properly, this can potentially cause exposure resulting in water leaks.

Unpredictable weather patterns, especially those experienced living in the Front Range can make the project slow down at times. Snow and ice may leave a roof slippery and dangerous to stand and attempt repairs on, at times, snow can be removed and repairs can be made, be sure to contact Columbine Roofing professionals for further advice.

Top reasons to consider repairing your roof in winter

  1. It will save you money. It’s possible, based on the time of year, your repair could come at a discounted price.
  2. Repairing in the winter could help save on electricity bills and reduce the use of heat.
  3. Fixing the problem now can help get a step ahead and possibly bigger, more expensive issues that can accrue down the road because of neglected repairs.

Along the Front Range, we experience many days of sunny, optimal temperatures for winter roofing repair. Never neglect a small roofing problem as it could turn disastrous. At Columbine Roofing, we pride ourselves on our professional installation using proper techniques and materials.