Can You Replace A Roof in the Winter?

Roof in a winter

If you are considering replacing your roof along the Front Range this winter, there are a few things you need to know. Most will tell you that spring and summer months are the best times for roof replacements, but nature can strike at any time and you may need to replace your roof in the winter months. Having a roof in the best possible condition can save you money in heating bills. 

Why You Might Consider Getting a New Roof in the Winter

A roof in desperate need of repair can allow moisture to penetrate into your home. Water damage could present a disaster for your home so replacing your roof as soon as possible is your only option.

Anywhere from a bad hail storm to missing shingles can have you scrambling to replace your roof as soon as possible. Replacing a roof in winter does have its challenges, but it’s not out of the question entirely. The weather here in Colorado is known for its unpredictability, so keep in mind the replacement process could be a bit slower due to cold, icy mornings and of course shorter daylight hours.

What If the Weather Changes?

Columbine Roofing will ensure that all snow and ice has melted or safely removed from the roof prior to replacing any roof. It is possible to work around a small dusting of snow as long as the weather doesn’t present safety risks. With over 300 days of sunshine along the Front Range, Columbine roofing takes advantage of the weather to keep up with roofing demands.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

If you’re planning to replace an asphalt roof, temperatures need to be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, however other types of roofing materials can be installed despite cooler weather. The weather may stall the process if high winds or precipitation occur, but with plenty of sunny days, and melted snow, work should be able to continue.

Is It Safe?

At Columbine Roofing, we take all safety precautions by wearing the proper gear for the weather, making sure all winter hazards such as snow and ice have been removed (or melted) from the roof, and the proper equipment have made it easy for us to continue roof repairs and replacement even through winter months. Proper installation is our priority.

Do you need your roof replaced?

Don’t ignore roofing problems in the winter.  Call a qualified and experienced roofing company when you’re considering a new roof in the winter. Check out our reviews on Guild QualityBetter Business Bureau, and Google.  Have Columbine Roofing come do a thorough inspection. We work year-round! Winter months shouldn’t put a damper on your roof getting a necessary upgrade.