Animals that pose a risk to your roof in Colorado

Colorado residents can face some pretty tough challenges when it comes to homeownership. Heavy snowfall in the wintertime, rainstorms in the spring and the heat of the summer can take its toll. But have you forgotten, one hazard that is always there—the animals? Animals and your roof don’t mix.

There are many wooded, rural and suburban areas and that are home to many small animal populations. These small animals can quickly work their way into your home before you know it.

Even the smallest of these animals can cause thousands of dollars in damage while looking for a place to stay warm during the colder months. This is why a proactive strategy to prevent them from getting access, is a must.

Animals and Your Roof

Your roof is just one of the most common entry points for a variety of critters. Small animals will enter through areas like vents and small gaps in your roof’s shingles. Here are 5 small animals you should look out for in Colorado:


Squirrels can be a huge headache for homeowners in Colorado. Using their strong teeth they chew through not only siding and wood but they will pull up asphalt shingles so they can nest in the warmth of the insulation. 

Squirrel’s teeth constantly growing so they need to keep them trim by chewing. They are also not picky as to what they chew on. If you have heard rustling sounds attic or found small wood chips or chewed sections in the frame of your home, it may be squirrels. If you see these things in the attic, you should also check your roof.


Raccoons are drawn to homes because they are an unintentional food source. They love bird feeders, pet food left on the porch and the occasional loosely sealed garbage can. 

Most raccoons will not force their way into your home but they often look for a warm, safe place to bear their young so if your home fits the bill, they may try to enter. Since they nest, attics are common. They just need to get access. Raccoons will quickly tear up insulation and they love to chew on electrical wires too.


Many think that Mice don’t cause much damage. When it comes to your roof they will burrow and chew to get access. Mice are excellent climbers and smart when it comes to finding vulnerabilities in your roof. These wiggle between loose shingles and take advantage of small holes. One thing to take note of is that mice love to chew through wiring. If they are in the walls, they could easily chew on your wiring which can cause a fire.


Woodpeckers, house sparrows, feral pigeons, and Starlings are all lovers of tearing off sticks, twigs, and parts of your shingles. Bird droppings also speed up the decay of your shingles. Over time as it builds up, you’ll find that shingles become brittle and begin to chip or break off.

Protect Your Home Today

The best way to protect your roof from these animals is to keep your home well maintained.

This means you will need to:

  • Inspect your roof regularly
  • Trim any overhanging tree branches 
  • Clean Gutters
  • Watch for loose or missing shingles
  • Don’t leave potential food sources out to attract animals
  • Install a chimney cap and gutter guards to prevent nesting areas
  • Check your roof regularly for signs of nesting

Our team has helped homeowners protect their roofs from animal visitors. We can work with you to develop a plan that will best serve your home and keep your roof in great shape.