4 Signs Your Roof Needs Professional Help

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We won’t lie. We understand why so many homeowners shudder at the thought of roof replacement.  For most, the idea of replacing their home roof can be a hassle but know that, and if you procrastinate, it can be even more expensive down the road. But how can you tell if your roof needs to be replaced? We hope these tips will help you know when to call us.

1. It’s old, and it shows

Roofing materials will have different life spans depending on their type. for instance, asphalt roofs will last 20-25 years. A cedar shake roof can last up for up to 50 years, but a slate roof can last anywhere from 75-200 years. Not all roof types are recommended for all areas of the country.  Many factors will affect and in some cases shorten the lifespan of your roof. Things like improper maintenance, lack of ventilation or improper removal of the previous roof during your last replacement can all cause problems.

2. Tiles or shingles are damaged or missing.

Damaged roofing tiles or shingles are a telltale sign it’s for a new roof. Make sure you check your roof for missing or broken shingles after a storm, especially a hail storm, or other severe weather. If missing shingles are ignored, then moisture can get in your home, and everyone knows this can cause long-term issues for homeowners.

3. Moss or algae are growing on your roof.

If you see dark streaks on your rooftop, you might be dealing with airborne algae. Algae may not look pretty, but it is not necessarily a sign of damage to your roof. With proper cleaning, it can be removed easily by using a combination of bleach and water or contacting a roof cleaning company.

Unlike algae which normally does not cause issues, moss can cause damage to your roof.  If you see moss, it needs the attention of a professional before irreversible damage occurs. Always call a professional to get the job done safely.

4. Your roof is leaking.

If you see water spots on your ceiling, this may single a leak in your roof. These signs most commonly point to your roof needs to be replaced. A leaky roof  opens your home up to severe water damage complications to your home including the growth of mold and mildew. It’s a costly issue if you ignore it.

Remember your roof is what protects your life! A home is an excellent investment in your future so you should make sure it’s taken care of from top to bottom.

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