10 Cool Roofing Facts That Might Surprise You

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Rooftops are all around you. A roof does more than look nice. It protects the structure, you belongings, family and keeps you out of the elements. These days your roof can even help you save money on your electric bill. To tell you the truth, your roof is pretty amazing!

1. There are different rooftops for different areas of the country.

It’s true! Depending on where you live, your roof might look different than someone on the other side of the United States. The materials may also vary.

2. A Flat Roof is Really Not that Flat.

It would not be smart to have a totally flat roof. Things would stack and fall on top of it and completely build-up with leaves, debris and more. A roof needs to have a slight pitch so the rain falls off if it and does not pool on the top.

3. A Roof is More than Shingles.

A rooftop is more than you think. It’s actually a complex system that’s built to do a lot. From flashing to shingles they all work together to keep you safe and warm. That’s why roofs also look different in various areas of the country. A roof is always going to be unique to the area of the country.

4. Never Cover an Existing Roof.

It might seem like no big deal but it is. You should never put a roof on top of a roof. It creates a heavy load for your home to hold up and can hide small problems under all those layers. It’s not the quick fix that you may be told it is. Resist the urge to cover things up and just remove the old roof.

5. You Really Cannot DIY a roof.

A great DIY is always okay. There should be limits however to your DIY desires. It’s best to call a professional when it comes to your roof. It literally keeps you safe and warm so don’t try to fix things unless you are a trained professional.

6. A roof will breathe

Think about a plastic container. It holds in the food and the moisture because it does not breathe. You do not want your roof to do that. Ventilation helps your roof to let out moisture and keep the humidity levels low.

7. Roofs can help the environment

From environmentally friendly or “cool roofs” there are actually roofs that help the environment. They can also help minimize the need to replace them cutting down materials placed in landfills.

8. Roof Cleaning is a Thing.

There are actual companies that will come and clean your roof. If you live in an area where there are leaves or pine needles, this could be an option for you. Also, things fall on your rooftop like bird poop and tree sap. All of these should be removed through cleaning so further damage is prevented.

9. A Bad Roof Can Break a Home Sale Deal.

No one wants a roof with a bad roof. Since we all know they are expensive, no one wants to buy a home knowing they will have a HUGE out of pocket cost after closing.

10. Roofs Done Correctly, Last a Long Time.

Don’t kid yourself that a quick DIY will save you money. A roof should be built to last in excess of 25 years. If your roof does not last as long, then there is something at the root of that you should explore.

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