5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Roofing Company in Boulder

Commercial roofing

Has your commercial roof sprung a leak? One small issue with your roof could lead to disastrous consequences. For example, a leak could lead to mold and mildew growth.

It’s important to call the commercial roofing Boulder companies rely on right away. Immediate business roof repair can help you avoid more extensive problems.

There are now over 108,000 roofing contractors in the US, though. Before you call for commercial roof repair, it helps to have a plan. Otherwise, you might hire a team that lacks the experience and expertise you need. They might even do more harm than good while working on your commercial roof.

Here are five qualities to look for when vetting commercial roofing companies in Boulder. With these tips, you can narrow down your options with ease. You can choose an experienced, qualified company and feel confident in your choice.

Start your search for commercial roofing companies in Boulder with these tips today!


First, talk to other business owners in Boulder. Ask if any of them have hired a commercial roof repair company in the past year. If they have, take the time to ask about their experience.

For example, you can ask:
-Was the team professional and knowledgeable
-Did they arrive on time
-What services did you request
-How long did the process take
-How much did their services cost
-Were you satisfied with the services you received

Gather referrals from other business owners in your area. You can feel confident choosing a roof repair team other business owners in Boulder trust.

Otherwise, start your search online. Search “commercial roofing Boulder” and start building a list of options. Then, visit each company’s website and Google My Business listings.

Check their website for testimonials. You can also find reviews on other online directories. 

As you review the commercial roofers on your list, make sure to check each company’s Better Business Bureau listing, too. Make sure the company doesn’t have any major complaints on its profile.

The most common complaints include:
Unsatisfactory workmanship – over 50%
Inability to contact the company – 25%
Delay or failure to start or finish work – 16%
Delay or failure to make repairs – 13%
Poor customer service – 11%
Missed appointments – 10%

Reading customer reviews can help you avoid these problems yourself. Instead, you can find commercial roofing Boulder residents trust. Prioritize choosing a qualified, reliable team with a strong reputation.

Choosing a team with a positive professional reputation will give you peace of mind. 


As you research each company on your list, consider how long they’ve run and operated. You can check the company’s “About Us” page on their website. Check their BBB listing, too.

Try to find a business that’s existed in Boulder for at least a few years. Find a long-established business that won’t disappear overnight.

An established business has likely worked out kinks in its day-to-day operations. The team likely knows how to work as a unit, too. They likely have a work process in place.

These teams are more likely to work efficiently, minimizing how long you experience problems with your roof. An experienced team will have an easier time answering your questions, too.

Choosing an inexperienced commercial roof repair team, on the other hand, might lead to problems. They might encounter issues that lead to costly delays. If they don’t fix your commercial roof promptly, mold could start to grow.

Ask each team about their work process. Determine how they’ll fix the problem with your commercial roof. For example, will they work based on your schedule?

How will they make sure there are minimal interruptions to your business operations?

If they don’t have a plan in place, scratch that company off your list. 

You can feel confident knowing an experienced business roof repair team is on the job.  


Before choosing a commercial roofing company, take the time to review each team’s credentials.
First, make sure the company is licensed to work on commercial properties in Boulder. Make sure their license is up-to-date, too. Otherwise, scratch that company off your list. 

Be sure to determine if the commercial roofers on your list have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. What happens if an accident occurs while the team is working on your roof? Make sure the company won’t hold you liable for damages or someone’s medical bills.

If the company doesn’t have insurance, look elsewhere. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the company will handle any incidents. 


Ask the commercial roofers on your list if you can review photos of their recent projects. Reviewing their portfolio can help you determine if they can meet your expectations. Choose a company that prides itself on offering top-notch services.

If the photos don’t meet your expectations, scratch that company off your list.

Review the company’s services, too. Make sure they have experience handling roofing materials specific to your needs.


Get quotes from at least three commercial roofing companies in Boulder. Ask each company what’s included with the estimate. Usually, the estimate includes labor and materials.

Ask each team how long the project will take, too. Are they capable of meeting your deadline?

Make sure to request a copy of each company’s contract. Do they offer a guarantee or warranty as well? Ask how long the warranty will last, as well as what’s covered.

Choosing a qualified, experienced team will benefit you more in the long run.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the cheapest team on your list. Chances are, you’ll get what you pay for. Instead, choose a company that can meet your needs and expectations.

Start Searching: 5 Qualities to Find in a Commercial Roofing Boulder Company

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first commercial roofing Boulder company you call. Instead, keep these tips in mind during your search. With these tips, you can feel confident in your final choice.

You can choose an experienced, qualified team that can offer the commercial roof repair services you need. 

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