Erie Roofing Company: Columbine Roofing


The days of Erie, Colorado being a small town are in the past. Over the last ten years, Erie has seen a 65% increase in population. This ever-growing area has unique needs, especially when it comes to home and business ownership.

What Erie Roofing Company can Erie, Colorado residents and entrepreneurs count on?

Columbine Roofing.

Our team brings decades of experience to every roofing project we work on, whether it’s a free estimate, quick repair, or major installation. Here, we’ll outline all of the reasons why you should choose Columbine Roofing if you’re in Erie.

Our Commitment to Service

Columbine Roofing is a local roofing company. We’re family-owned and operated. We all grew up in this beautiful part of Colorado’s Front Range, making it even more important that with each roofing project, we do justice to the people who live here.

Across all of our platforms, we have hundreds of 5-star reviews. We believe this is a true testament to the quality of work that we do each and every day in communities like Erie.

Why does our team love this work?

Helping people. Providing an excellent product. Caring about each detail, from the beginning to the end of a roofing project.

Residential Roofing in Erie

If you’re looking for an Erie Roofing Company that specializes in residential roofing, our team is here for you. From estimates to insurance claims, Columbine Roofing is always seeking to help its clients in new ways.

Free Estimates

Have a roofing project that you’d like an estimate for?

Columbine Roofing offers free estimates to those in Erie. Our quick turn-around times allow homeowners to make quick decisions based on the urgency of the project.

Roof Repairs

From hail to storm damage, or random leaks, Columbine Roofing is always available for emergency roof repairs. Our team acts quickly, which prevents further water or roof damage from occurring.


What’s it like to work with Columbine Roofing when you’re in need of a new roof?

Our team walks you through the whole process. From selecting roofing materials within your budget to helping maintain the project’s deadline, we are committed to showing you how pleasant getting a new roof can be.

Managing Insurance Claims

If your roof has been damaged, dealing with a roofing insurance claim can be a headache. Our insurance specialists help guide the project through the claim, making sure everything is approved before work begins.

Commercial Roofing in Erie

Commercial roofing projects require a unique skill set. Our team has years of experience installing and maintaining commercial roofs, making use the number one commercial roofing company in Erie.

Whether you need a commercial roof for a single building, or have a larger project in mind, our team can handle the job. Always beginning with an estimate, our crew will evaluate the project’s total cost, allowing you to make a well-informed decision before any work begins.

From TPO to PCV, metal roofing systems, and green roofs, Columbine Roofing is here to help you create the roof that your business and building demand.

No commercial project is too big or too small. We’re here for you, always.

In Erie? Choose Columbine Roofing

Our team is here to show you how an Erie Roofing Company should be: easy to work with, experts at their craft, and helpful throughout the entire process.

Again and again, we’ve shown that we’re the top residential and commercial roofing company in the area. So whether you need an estimate, an urgent repair, or have a big project coming up, you know who to call.