Commercial Roof Repairs for Business Owners in Colorado


You may be wondering, “How do I extend the life of my current roof to avoid doing a complete roof replacement?”

Commercial roof repairs are among the costly aspects of owning a commercial property. Almost every business owner would rather opt for less extensive repairs. Even with the right roofing system in place, your building will need repair over time.

Repairs help to maintain your roof’s performance and integrity. The task needs to be done by a certified and licensed roofing contractor. A professional will do minor repairs before they return to significant problems.

We’ve compiled commercial roof repairs for business owners in Colorado. Read on to know the most common repairs and how to get started.

Factors That May Affect Your Decision to Repair Your Commercial Roofing System

Age of the Roof

Age is the most common indicator that your roof needs repair. Commercial roofing systems don’t last long compared to most residential roofs.

As soon as you notice damages, it’s best to contact a roofing company to do the repairs. A professional will solve the issue to prevent significant damage.

Soaring Energy Bills

Commercial roofs keep air-conditioned air and heat in. They are not designed to keep the elements out.

If your cooling and heating costs skyrocket suddenly and you can find out why. It may be because your roof is not insulating the building properly.

Visible Roof Damage

It’s good to inspect your roof occasionally. If you see blisters, bubbles, or cracks in the membrane, it’s a sign that the roof needs to be repaired.

Common Commercial Roof Repairs

Defective Flashing

Flashing protects the joints and seams of the roof from excess moisture. It plays a significant role in preventing water damage.

Flashing can break or rip due to thermal shock or improper installation. When this occurs, it will not be effective at directing water away from the joints and seams. Contact a commercial roofing contractor to fix the problem before it becomes worse.

Ponding Water

Ponding water may seem okay as it remains stagnant. But it may cause roof damage even if it’s not leaking into your building. In the worst-case scenario, it causes the roof to cave in.

The solution is to put insulation systems and proper drainage. Also, ensure flashings are in the correct position and remain intact.

Commercial roof repairs contractor can fix this issue fast and at a low cost. It is better than waiting until you have to deal with a collapsed roof.

Repair Leaks

Leaks, no matter how small, can compromise the structure of your commercial building. They pave the way to water damage and mold and need to be treated with caution. Roof repair can reduce the risk of holes, cracks, and leaks.


Commercial roofing repairs are necessary due to condensation. It occurs when hot air rises through a leak or hole, causing mold, rotting, and a weakened roof. A roofing contractor can repair the areas damaged by mold or moisture.

Billowing and Blow-Offs

Improperly installed flashing not only causes leaks. It is also more susceptible to being blown off or lifted by strong winds.

This can cause significant damage to your commercial roof. A contractor will follow the set roofing code to avoid blowouts and billowing.


If your roof is bubbling or blistering, there could be air or water trapped under those bubbles. It is a sign that the roof was not installed properly or trapped moisture in the little pockets. Identify the best commercial roofing services do repairs to avoid more damage to your roofing system.

Commercial Roof Repairs Methods to Avoid Replacement

Below are suggestions that could add to your commercial roof’s service life.

Debris Removal

When your roof is free of debris, it will be leak-free. It also prevents premature roof replacement. Contact a reputable roofing company to remove debris from your commercial roof.

It’s recommended to do so quarterly, annually, or biannually, depending on the environment. Contractors will clean the gutters, scuppers, and drains to avoid water damage to the roof and building.

Walk Pads

Adding an extra layer of protection to your roof will extend its service life. Walk pads are thick rubber materials interlocked onto the surface of the roof.

It protects the roof from harsh weather conditions like hail. Contact an emergency roofer to install walk pads to avoid a roof replacement.

Roof Coating

Roof coating is a form of roof repair as it prevents long-term tears and wears. There are many types of commercial roof coatings for different roofing systems. A roofing specialist will check your roof to determine if roof coating is an ideal option.

Getting Started

Owning a commercial property comes with many responsibilities. Your decision will impact your tenants and their businesses. That’s why you need to understand the repairs you need to reduce disruptions.

To get an accurate estimate, give your contractor all details about your building. Discuss everything that will be included in the estimate. They include project timelines, materials and product pricing, and contractor roles.

Compare commercial roof repair costs from multiple contractors. Choose one with a good track record who charges a fair rate.

Give priority to tenant-friendly options. Pick products that offer quality protection and will not impact your tenants.

Consider self-adhering membrane materials that produce low fumes. The occupants of your building will remain safe with little to no disruptions. Talk to your roofing contractor to know the suitable materials that match your repair needs.

Choose the Best Commercial Roof Repairs Company

The right commercial roof repairs company will ensure the success of your project. So, choose a licensed contractor to be assured that they will follow the building codes. Make sure they provide you with a written estimate before signing the contract.

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