Before Winter, Consider a Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial roofing

In the winter, Colorado roofs must withstand extreme weather. This is why the Columbine Roofing team has a few recommendations for business owners and property managers. Before winter arrives, consider a commercial roof inspection – here, you’ll learn more about why.

Weather Elements

Colorado winters accompany unexpected snowfall, fierce winds, and icy rain. Your roof is exposed to all of these weather elements and often reacts to them.

Commercial roofing materials react to the temperature and weight of these weather elements. This build-up of moisture and pressure can lead to compromised venting, damaged roof surfaces, and dips that prevent proper water drainage. All of this can spell disaster mid-winter.

Before winter arrives, a professional roof inspection can evaluate any weak areas or roof repairs that will help your commercial roof withstand the winter damage and leak-free.

Support Beams

Commercial roofs are held up by durable beams. When access weight is applied to them, their integrity can be compromised.

Unchecked and weakened support beams can cause leaks. If left alone, support beams can end up costing business owners thousands. This is why we recommend regular inspections as a way to protect your investment and wallet!

Debris Removal

Before snow builds up on your roof, we consider debris removal.

Debris, like leaves and fallen branches, adds access weight to your roof. Then, when it’s all covered by snow, those pounds pile on (and up).

It’s also important to consider how to remove debris in a way that doesn’t scratch or damage your roof. Commercial roofs require special care because of their delicate draining systems. Scratches, dents, and dips all impact how your roof funnels water.

Develop a Snow Removal Plan

Due to the unpredictability, it’s important to have a snow removal plan for your commercial roof.

To remove snow safely, especially in the middle of winter, talking to an expert is critical. During your commercial inspection, our team can make recommendations regarding how, when, and where you should focus on snow removal efforts. Additionally, because you’re safety is important to us, we can provide you with resources that will help you remove snow safely and efficiently.

Contact Columbine Roofing for a Commercial Roof Inspection

Before the snowstorms roll in over the front range, it’s important to care for your investment; getting a commercial roof inspection will save you from frustration and possible damages come February. This simple precautionary step will ease your mind and can end up saving you money in the long-run.

Our team of roofing professionals will complete a timely and thorough inspection of your roof and make recommendations if any roof repairs are required. We’re also very prompt, so if you have immediate commercial roofing needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have questions? Want to schedule an inspection? Contact us.