How to Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan in Colorado

Gutter maintenance

Colorado roofs are exposed to extreme weather. From high winds to harsh temperatures, hail, and heavy snowfall, they must withstand the elements. Here, you’ll learn more about how to extend your roof’s lifespan in Colorado.

Get Regular Roof Inspections

Regular roofing inspections can significantly extend your roof’s lifespan.

Think about it like this: would you let your car go an entire year without an oil change when you drive it across town every day?

Probably (or at least hopefully) not. If you did, your car’s engine would be severely damaged.

Every day, your roof withstands the Colorado elements. Why let it go unchecked?

A regular roof inspection can catch small damages that, if left to fester, could lead to bigger (and more expensive) problems in the future. If you want your roof to last for years, a professional inspection is an excellent way to increase its lifespan.

Gutter Maintenance

The drainage system for your roof plays an incredibly important role in how your roof functions. If water doesn’t drain properly, your roof experiences wear. Maintaining your gutters is another way to extend the lifespan of your roof.

We recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. If you live in a heavily wooded area with high trees, we recommend cleaning them even more often.

Late spring and late fall are excellent times to clean your gutters. These timeframes maximize the amount of debris you’re most likely to find. Pollen tree buds tend to fall in late spring, whereas in late fall, you’ll most likely have leaves and pine needles to remove.

Of course, be sure to use gloves when removing debris, and to have a spotter if you require a tall ladder. If you aren’t comfortable cleaning your gutters or believe they may need some extra TLC, you can reach out to our team.

Tree Trimming

Due to the somewhat extreme and unpredictable weather patterns in Colorado, many roofs experience storm-related damages. Oftentimes, this occurs because of debris from nearby trees, or even overhanging tree limbs that fall onto the roof. Regular tree trimming is an excellent way to ensure the safety of your roof.

A tree professional can make recommendations for you regarding tree trimming and maintenance. We recommend regularly discussing the removal of dead branches, as these tend to fall when there are high winds.

Look Out for Hail Damage

In Colorado, hail is something that we all have to keep an eye out for. As far as your roof goes, hail can cause serious damages. Not only can hail break tile or damage protective layers of shingles, but it can create valleys where water can linger.

After a hail storm, take a quick peek at your roof. If you notice old discoloration, dents, or spot, call a roofing professional immediately. We can quickly come to inspect your roof and help you with any insurance claims you may have as a result of hail damage.

Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan, Protect Your Investment

At Columbine Roofing, we understand that your roof is an investment. Not only does it protect your home, but your family as well. We’re committed to helping extend the life of your roof in any way that we can.

If you have questions or concerns about your roof, reach out to our team.