Keep Cool This Summer with The Right Roof

Cool roof

If you take a drive down your street, you’ll notice that most roofs are of a dark color. Does this impact how your roof reflects or absorbs heat? What about your home’s overall temperature? This summer, consider a “cool roof” to moderate temperatures and energy efficiency.

What is a “Cool Roof”?

No, we’re not talking about a roof with a backward hat and retro sunglasses. Rather, the term “cool roof” refers to a roof that has increased solar reflecting capabilities.

Cool roofs block out and reduce the impact of damaging rays. Additionally, these roofs mitigate the heat absorbed by your roof, which would otherwise cause increased temperatures and higher energy bills.

While cool roofs used to come in white and lighter colors, technology and innovations in roofing shingles allow you to not only get the roof color you want, but also a cool roof.

Why Should I Consider a Cool Roof for my Home or Business?

There’s one thing about Colorado summer’s that remains consistent: At a mile high, things can get hot!

As a homeowner and commercial business owner, a roof is a long-term investment. Ideally, your investment and taking proper care of your roof increases its lifespan and effectiveness.

If your roof isn’t optimized to consider roofing or energy efficiency, you’re ignoring something critical; the fact is, high temperatures and blazing sun can drastically age your roof.

What Kind of Cool Roofs are Available?

A variety of roofing materials act as cool roofs. This allows you to address curb appeal and the energy needs and goals you have for your home.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs not only bring comfort to your home’s exterior, but they’re excellent at keeping you home cool. When tile roofs are more expensive to install, they are incredibly durable, come with superior warranties, and promote those who prioritize energy efficiency.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are very energy efficient. Think of metal roofs as a shield between your home and the sun. They’re great at reflecting those harmful and warming rays.

Some professionals estimate that metal roofs can save consumers 40%-50% on annual energy costs.

Asphalt Composite Shingles

Asphalt composite shingles have only become stronger over the last few decades. Additionally, these sun-reflecting shingles can be double or triple laminated, which helps against the battle with continuous sunlight.

If you want many options, asphalt composite shingles are an excellent route to take.

Other Factors to Consider 

With any roofing purchase, there are factors that you should consider before making a decision about the right cool roof for your home or business.

Of course, we always recommend hiring a licensed and insured roofing contractor; this protects you, your home, and your roofing investment.

Next, we recommend asking questions and sharing your budget. When buying a new roof, transparency is important and often ignored part of the process. Don’t shirk around it, and be clear with the team you choose to hire.

Questions about Cool Roofs? Ask Our Experts

The Columbine Roofing team has been installing, repairing, and maintaining roofs all over Colorado’s Front Range. With temperature and energy conservation in mind, we are happy to make recommends about cool roofs to our community.