5 Questions to Ask Roof Repair Companies


Oftentimes roof repairs are urgent matters. Before having a roof repair company come to your home, be sure to ask them these five questions. If you do, you can ensure quality and a job well come.

5 Questions for Roof Repair Companies

What is Your Service Area?

If your roof is in dire need of repairs due to a fallen tree or serious leak, ask potential hires about their service areas.

If you’re in Boulder, you probably don’t want to hire a roof repair company based in Colorado Springs.

When initially inquiring about roof repair services, be sure to give the company your address. This helps them evaluate their distance to the job site.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Don’t pile problems atop problems. Having an uninsured company repair your roof potential exacerbates the issues you’re experiencing.

Before any contractor, roofing or otherwise, works on your home, always ask for verification of insurance and state licensing. All transparent and reputable roof repair companies will have these documents on hand for you to review.

Can You Give Me an Estimate?

In every home service industry, estimates are critical.

No homeowner wants to spend an outrageous amount of money having no prior knowledge of the potential cost.

Before any roof repairs begin, ask for an estimate. This provides you with a baseline of potential costs and makes the entire repair process less frustrating.

Surprises aren’t good for anything, especially when your home is involved. Protect yourself and your hard-earned money by asking for an estimate.

What Roofing Materials Are You Comfortable Working With?

There are various types of roofs, attic vents, and insulation used across the roofing industry.

Before having a company come out to conduct a repair, be sure they have experience working with your type of roof.

This question can also apply to roof add-ons, like solar panels. While roof repair companies won’t repair the panels, they can help you navigate any repair necessities that may require removing your panels. The same can be said for skylights.

When Can You Arrive?

When talking with a roof repair company, the situation is usually urgent. Always ask for a specific timeline in terms of arrival. If that time frame works for you, follow-up by asking for the phone number of the project manager who will be onsite. This helps you hold companies accountable.

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