Spring Cleaning: The Roof Checklist

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It’s time for Spring Cleaning! You may have your mind focused on cleaning inside your home needing or getting ready for bbq season. We think you need to start at the top of your home and work your way down. Denver winters are long and the weather abusive. So starting with your roof is perfect.

1. Start by Cleaning Out Your Roofs Gutters

Did you know you should clean these seasonally? No one wants the gutters of their home to back up on a random rainy spring day simply because they are not cleanout. This can cause costly damage to your home.

As you clean inspect the gutters and make sure that they are in good condition. This is also a great time to add gutter screens to help limit the time you spend cleaning them next time around.

2. Look for Loose Shingles and Flashing

This can be tricky to see on a non-windy day. When shingles are loose, it can cause lots of problems. If you are not sure if this is an issue, have someone come out and do an inspection. It is easier to stop small issues from turning into big ones if you find them before that happens.

3. Trim Nearby Branches

Trees are beautiful but their branches hanging over your roof or worse touch it, are problems waiting to happen. Not only are they a roadway for small animals to get to your home, but they can also easily break off and damage your home. Removing these branches will also reduce the leaves in your gutters.

It is best to hire a professional to cut your trees back correctly both for the safety of your home and your tree.

4. Check the Inside of Your Attic and Home

You should also take a moment and inspect the inside of your attic. You want to look for water damage, cracks, holes and any signs of animals up there. This is also a great time to check for mold. If it smells musty, you may need to pull back the insulation to take a look.

Spring cleaning is more than mopping floors and deep cleaning the rugs! Take care of your home inside and out!