7 Mistakes that Can Cause Roofing Disasters


When it comes to any home renovation understanding the scope of the job is a great place to start. You should also know the specifics of what not to do. If you are having your roof replaced, there are many things to consider. The mistakes to avoid may teach you the most.

1. Only hired someone qualified

If you hire an inexperienced roofer you will encounter problems from the beginning. They may not understand the importance of doing things by the book. This can cause damage to the existing structure making small problems big ones or create new opportunities for things to happen.

Your house is one of the biggest investments you’ll make, so you need to be extremely careful. Talk to previous customers and find out what sort of work was done. If they say there is extensive damage, then you need to find another contractor.

2. Don’t wait until the damage is “bad”

If you see any damage, have it repaired quickly. Something as simple as a chipped piece of roofing can lead to structural damage. Technically, you should have your roof inspected each year for damage.

3. Make sure it is all in the quote

Make sure your roofing estimate includes everything including the removal of the old roof. On occasion, unexpected things come up once a roof is removed. These should be included before any work is started. This includes the removal of the debris and old roofing material.

4. Never Reroof Over Old Tiles

Reroofing happens when someone lays down a second layer of material over your existing roof. It sounds like a money saver, but it is not. Your house was build to support one roof plus the weight of snow if you live in those parts of the country. Don’t overload it to the point that it decides to collapse.

5. Never choose someone that has no license or no insurance

Hiring someone who does not have a license, will never be a good idea. It will also prevent you from getting the proper paperwork through the city. If they don’t have insurance and get hurt, they can then sue you, the homeowner. The same goes for damage that is caused to your neighbor’s house or vehicle. In the long run, it might not save you as much as you think to choose someone that does not have the right stuff.

6. Materials Matter

Second hand or even the wrong materials can create problems. Not only will it affect the lifespan of your roof but it will negate things like the warranty on the materials. Know what the contractor is using and why every step of the way.