What kind of detailed info should be on a roofing company’s bid?

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Roofing proposals many times will differ considerably. Some will provide a one-page handwritten bid while others give a more official-looking document that’s several pages long and outline the “why’s” behind their estimate. While neither is right or wrong, you DO want to know as much information as possible.

Begin by Getting Estimates

What’s most important is that you get multiple estimates/proposals that compare the “apples to apples” of the process they use as well as materials. The replacement of a roof will be a big investment. Don’t be afraid to ask for a breakdown of the costs so you are confident in what you are getting. Plus when you ask for a breakdown, you can feel more confident in the overall process of having your roof replaced. 

What bid’s should include:

  1. The scope of the project, including who is responsible for what. 
  2. The start and completion dates for the project.
  3. The payment terms.
  4. Costs associated with labor and materials.
  5. The cost associated with obtaining permits including the cleanup and removal of any construction debris.
  6. Information on the type of materials used for the project.
  7. Types of product and workmanship warranties offered or included
  8. Proof of roofing or contractor’s license, plus Workmans’ Compensation and liability insurance.

The bid may not go into great detail but if you feel that you need this information to make an informed decision, ask for it. Once you choose a roofing professional if it has not been provided in writing already, the above information should be included in your contract. 

Other questions you may need or want to ask.

You may also want to ask some more specific questions about what you need to do or what the company advises you to do during the process including:

  • If you work from home or stay at home with children, should you relocate for the day?
  • Should pets be kenneled during the process? 
  • What time will work start and end so you can let your neighbors know when the crew will be working.
  • What type of access will they need (gates unlocked, HOA notified)?
  • Does a homeowner need to be on-site?

Once you’ve compared the bids make sure both you and the roofer/company sign a contract. Without a signed contract you can’t manage problems during the job.

Never assume that what was quoted to you originally, is in the contract. It’s also great to have someone review the document that’s not associated with the project so they can make sure you’ve not missed anything.