5 Reasons Why the Fall is the Ideal Time For Everything Roofing

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Working on a roof is no easy task. Weather conditions, the temperature, and the fact that you are up high all make fixing or replacing a roof a dangerous and sometimes challenging job. If you’re considering replacing or repairing your roof, the fall a great time to hire a professional, this includes installing a new roof installation or making repairs to your current roof.

Why is the fall season such a great time for everything roofing?

Here are just a few reasons why your roof (and our roofers) love the fall. The rainy season is over and they are ready to work.  Severe weather events often cause the most damage to a roof. These are far more likely during the spring and summer months of the year. Fall is the ideal time not only to assess any damage that may have occurred during the previous months but also know what repairs need to be made before that season hits again. Drier weather during the fall months also makes completing this ideal for roofing professionals. It’s near impossible to fix a roof in the rain! 

Roofing materials love the weather 

Experts agree that roofing materials should be installed when it’s about 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are installing asphalt shingles temperature is going to be extremely important. This is because temperate (cooler) temperatures help facilitate the thermal sealing of asphalt shingles better. This can ensure that they firmly adhere to the roof and prevent leaks. Also, the cooler temps make working on a rooftop easier for the roofers you hire to install or do repairs on your roof.

Shingles don’t love the cold  

When temperatures are too cold, shingles will easily become more brittle and break more easily. As roofers are nailing them on to the roof they can also split and crack. If temperatures are too cold roofers may have had to stop using roofing guns and instead hand nail shingles to the roof. This will cause delays since the process is much slower and higher costs because of the hours spent on the job.

Proper sealing. 

By getting the work done in the fall, the new shingles have plenty of time to bond to the roof before the winter weather arrives. This is vital because when they are allowed to properly bond, they will better insulate your home from cold temperatures and moisture.

Save on heating. 

By replacing your roof or doing needed repairs in the fall, you’ll be able to benefit from a better-insulated home in the cold winter months when you are trying to stay warm. A new roof can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These savings on your bills help to offset a small part of the cost of renovations or repairs.

While some homeowners may think that waiting until the “off-season” will save them money, it will often cost them more. Yes, you don’t see a lot of roofs going in during the winter but remember there is a reason for that. If you have a roofing problem or suspect one, you need to repair that sooner rather than later. 

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